Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Have Your Good Qualities, and You Have Your Iffy Qualities...

  This review is on Burlesque Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. This movie is one of those new musical films, that does good in some parts, but loses its touch at other parts. A good cast, and a decent storyline, but not good enough to be as good as Chicago.
 This is your typical "go for your dream" type of movie. We follow Alice (Christina Aguilera) and she comes from a small town and feels that she's bigger than it. So she travels to LA in hopes to become a star, or at least be on stage. While in LA she realizes it's not so easy but she finds a job as a waitress in a Burlesque house ran by Tess (Cher). She tries hard to get on the stage, but Tess won't allow her. One day Tess is offered money from a rich man named Marcus  (Eric Dane) and soon finds out that she is going to be losing the club that she loves so much. She has a star Nikki (Kristin Bell, who has given her problems, so she replaces her spot with Alice. Nikki then sabotages her, but when all is silent we soon see just how big of a voice Alice has and soon she becomes the star of the show. Then we're taking through a journey with Alice and Tess and them trying to become better people and do what's right not only for their lives, but also for the lives of the burlesque and the people who work there. Oh, and theres also some musical numbers thrown in there.
 The acting is great in this movie, it's just too bad the story fell flat at times. Cher is great as Tess, she's the older, stronger woman who still is struggling through life. Christina Aguilera is great as the small town girl with the big voice. Cam Gigandet is great as the love interest of Alice, but shys away because he's engaged. My favorite character was the stage manager, Sean, played by Stanley Tucci. He's gay, but not over the top, he's funny, and works so well with Cher. You feel that they are truly best friends whenever you see them on screen at the same time. The singing is also done really well.
 The thing I didn't like was that the musical numbers are just performances. They do have meaning to the story, but most of the time they just feel like performances and sometimes feel out of place with the story. The singing itself was great, if you hear the sou dtrack it'll be a nice thing to listen to, but it just didn't truly seem to fit with the story itself. Another thing that I didn't enjoy was that it was set in the modern time. You get comfortable with the Burlesque, it's nice and just so different. But when you get comfortable there and lost in that club you are taken to skyscrapers and modern style houses. It just loses its magic when it goes to the modern real world. It feels likt two different time periods mashed together, and it's not mashed very well.
 Over all you'll have a good time, but not the best time. It's enterataining, but only when it's at the Burlesque itself. Those parts are great and worth watching, it's when there aren't performances or the darkness of the burlesque is when you realize that it sometimes just falls flat and feels awkward.

Verdict: 3/5

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