Sunday, November 28, 2010

Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure

  Yes, this is another review of  The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But this time I will be reviewing the real way of watching it, and that is at The Midnight Insanity. This is for anyone who has wanted to interact with a movie and just wants to have fun.
  The whole point of Rocky Horror is to watch it at a midnight showing. I went to one and it was a great experience. If you watched the video posted you scream with the audience while the movie is playing. There's a part when the lips lick the upper lip, but before they do you scream "LICK THOSE LIPS!" When it gets to "Over a Barrel" You scream over it "SMOKING A BARREL!" and you do this throughout the entire movie. Not just those lines but other lines. When the stupid "Janet, Dr. Scott, Janet, Brad, Rocky!" part comes on, after Rocky you scream out "BULLWINKLE!" It's stupid, but so much fun. When te wedding scene occurs and if you have some rice on hand, throw it up in the air like at an actual wedding. When it's raining in the movie and you have a newspaper or ad with you, put it over your head cause you may get wet from people shooting water up in the air.
  This is an awesome experience. I can barely put a few things on here of what you do. If you want to dance there are two parts where you dance, you do the Time Warp, this is just a jump to the left, a step to the right, put your hand on your hips, bring your knees in tight, then the pelvic thrust that drives you insane!! And don't feel stupid doing this dance, cause everyone who knows it will be dancing. Then during the boring part you dance all around the theatre.
  Also, be warned, this is a very vulgar show, if you want to see women in little clothing, men in little clothing, and most likely dressed as a woman then go experience this. If you're uncomfortable with any of these things, or just with sexual jokes in general, then this may not be for you. Oh and also be warned, being a Virgin, this means not watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live audience at a theatre, they will single you out and haze you. The hazing is emberassing, and you don't have to say you are a virgin, but just remember that there will be other virgins in the theatre, and it's just a fun experience that means no harm or insult to you. It's all for fun, plus if you want the full experience I say just claim to be a virgin, I did and I was laughing the entire time.
  You get a movie, although you don't really hear it too well over the yelling, and you get live actors acting out the movie and going around the theatre, and if you're lucky a tranny will shake your hand. This sounds weird, I know, but that's because it is weird. Weird, vulgar, but so much fun. I say go experience this Midnight Insanity. You don't have to dress up or anything, just go and have some fun. I know this isn't much of a review, but I will still review the fun that I had at my Midnight Insanity and I think anyone who just wants to have fun, and has an open mind, will have as much fun as I did. I did review the movie and gave it a 3/5, but with this experience the movie becomes better and just a great movie to watch with others.

Verdict: 5/5

Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Have Your Good Qualities, and You Have Your Iffy Qualities...

  This review is on Burlesque Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. This movie is one of those new musical films, that does good in some parts, but loses its touch at other parts. A good cast, and a decent storyline, but not good enough to be as good as Chicago.
 This is your typical "go for your dream" type of movie. We follow Alice (Christina Aguilera) and she comes from a small town and feels that she's bigger than it. So she travels to LA in hopes to become a star, or at least be on stage. While in LA she realizes it's not so easy but she finds a job as a waitress in a Burlesque house ran by Tess (Cher). She tries hard to get on the stage, but Tess won't allow her. One day Tess is offered money from a rich man named Marcus  (Eric Dane) and soon finds out that she is going to be losing the club that she loves so much. She has a star Nikki (Kristin Bell, who has given her problems, so she replaces her spot with Alice. Nikki then sabotages her, but when all is silent we soon see just how big of a voice Alice has and soon she becomes the star of the show. Then we're taking through a journey with Alice and Tess and them trying to become better people and do what's right not only for their lives, but also for the lives of the burlesque and the people who work there. Oh, and theres also some musical numbers thrown in there.
 The acting is great in this movie, it's just too bad the story fell flat at times. Cher is great as Tess, she's the older, stronger woman who still is struggling through life. Christina Aguilera is great as the small town girl with the big voice. Cam Gigandet is great as the love interest of Alice, but shys away because he's engaged. My favorite character was the stage manager, Sean, played by Stanley Tucci. He's gay, but not over the top, he's funny, and works so well with Cher. You feel that they are truly best friends whenever you see them on screen at the same time. The singing is also done really well.
 The thing I didn't like was that the musical numbers are just performances. They do have meaning to the story, but most of the time they just feel like performances and sometimes feel out of place with the story. The singing itself was great, if you hear the sou dtrack it'll be a nice thing to listen to, but it just didn't truly seem to fit with the story itself. Another thing that I didn't enjoy was that it was set in the modern time. You get comfortable with the Burlesque, it's nice and just so different. But when you get comfortable there and lost in that club you are taken to skyscrapers and modern style houses. It just loses its magic when it goes to the modern real world. It feels likt two different time periods mashed together, and it's not mashed very well.
 Over all you'll have a good time, but not the best time. It's enterataining, but only when it's at the Burlesque itself. Those parts are great and worth watching, it's when there aren't performances or the darkness of the burlesque is when you realize that it sometimes just falls flat and feels awkward.

Verdict: 3/5

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Magical Epic is Coming to an End

  Today I will be reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. This is part 1 of the finale of the Harry Potter series. It's a different type of Harry Potter due to the fact that it does not take place at Howarts, but out in the world. But just because it doesn't take place at the magical school for witchcraft and wizardrydoes not mean it's not magical. I liked the different take and enjoyed the entire movie.
  It's a good movie, just like every other Harry Potter film and book. This time the wizarding world knows Lord Voldermort, the dark wizard, "He Who Shall Not Be Named" has returned and people are scared. No one is safe not even the normal, muggle, world. This focuses on Harry and the gang, Ron and Hermione, on the run by themselves trying to find magical items called Horcruxes to destroy in order to defeat Voldemort. It's not much more than that, the story is interesting but it doen't get really exciting until Part 2. But this does not mean it's not fun to watch, there is still a lot of magic, despite the fact that it's out in the real world. It only features Snape once, sadly, but it's still memorable and cool to see him, and now he is even Headmaster of Hogwarts, sorry if that was a spoiler to anyone. It reintroduces characters that were seen in the very first move like Ollivander, the wand maker, and Griphook the goblin who works at Gringott's. They don't have major roles but it's still nice to see them again we even get to see Doby return more powerful than ever before seen, cept be prepared for some tears if you fall in love with this little guy, again, sorry if this is a spoiler. There are some things I didn't like, like Harry using a shard from a mirror that Dumbledore gave him, but it's never explained how he has that shard. And of course there are other little details missing from the book, but no movie can ever follow a book 100 percent. So it's a good thing that this was split up in two parts because we do get more detail and a nothing is rushed. It's a good movie with a great continuation of a great story.
 The acting, like usual is great. We get all the great English actors and no one does a bad job. It's darker, the trio are fun to follow around still. Nothing is different except now there is more drama and more death. Daniel Radcliffe is still perfect playing the role of Harry Potter, no one else is better at playing the part. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are great, and it's great seeing them finally getting closer and showing their feelings for each other. It mainly focuses on the gang, but the other actors are still good at what little roles they were given in this film. Allan Rickman, although in one scene was still fantastic as Snape and so is Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatix LeStrange. Not too much to say about the acting. It's great, always has been, if you have seen the past films then you get the same top knotch acting. Same goes for the soundtrack, it is still magical and helps the film feel more magical.
 All I can say is everything is the same. More mature, yes, but still a great film. It's magical, you still love the characters, everything is the same but that's a good thing. Yes, it doesn't follow the book completely, but which movie does. Go watch this movie, but watch the others 1st, you need to watch them in order to fully understand and appreciate this movie. You'll laugh, you'll cry, or at least I did, but I'm a big baby with all of this, you'll get excited with the fighting and you'll be taken to a magical world. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like these movies then you've probably already seen it, but if not then I say go watch this movie.

Verdict: 4/5
 I know I had nothing bad to say abot this film, and it is a great film. It's just not perfect which is why I'm giving this movie a 4. It's not a masterpiece but it's still a great film and I suggest you still go watch this movie.

Friday, November 19, 2010

"All that Jazz"

 Today I will be reviewing "Chicago." This movie came out back in 2002 and is based off the play of the same name. It's a good musical and more mature than the others that are out there. It is also more showy and actually feels like a musical being seen on stage.
 The story is darker than most musicals. It's about a woman Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) who wants to be famous and in showbusiness. So she sleeps around with a guy who she thinks will get her a job in a show. While out she sees another famous performer, Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is later arrested for murdering her husband and sister. Hart soon finds out that her lover is not able to make her famous so she soon kills him and is arrested thanks to her husband, Amos (John C. Reilly), ratting her out. After she is arrested she soon meets the matron of murderess row Mama Morton (Queen Latifah). She sees that Velma is  is famous thanks to Mama and she tries to do the same and finds out that a lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), can get her all the publicity she wants. And from here goes an interesting story of fame and jazz and corruption to a nice little ending for both Roxie and Velma.
 The acting is great in this movie. Zellweger is great as Roxie, she plays the cute murderess so perfectly and has a nice little voice to go along with it. Queen Latifah is also great as the corrupt matron. She's so cool and yet can still pull of sexiness, especially when she sings "When You're Good to Mama." Zeta-Jones is also great as Velma. She's cool and just has that look to her that she's a cold blooded killer. Richard Geere is also fantastic as Billy. He's funny and he pulls off that he only cares about money and nothing else. Each one of these actors, even Reilly as Amos, has a great song that you will remember for a while.
 The soundtrack is amazing in this movie. The songs are fun and sometimes sexy, "When You're Good to Mama" and "Cell Block Tango." They're also fun like "They Both reached for the Gun" and "Razzle Dazzle." They're fun, they're nice to watch, and just memorable. They feel like you were watching the performances on stage. I watch a ton of musicals and movies based on musicals, but this one is one of my favorites and makes me still feel happy as if I was at a theatre.
 I love the direction that this movie took. The musical numbers don't feel natural like most other musicals, but they still fit right in with the rest of the movie. Basically it takes this approach because we sort of go into Roxie's head and see everything as an act like she wants everything to be. It's flashy, and as stated before, just plain fun.
 This is a movie mainly for musical lovers. But it's still a great movie. If you want to listen to good music, watch this movie. If you want a good story and good acting then watch this movie. If you want to see a ton of women dancing and being sexy and tough, watch this movie. It's great and is very easy to watch over and over again, but I at least recommend you to watch this movie at least once.

Verdict: 5/5

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Same Story, Just With Super Powers

  Dreamworks is known to come out with a new animated film practically every year. This year we got Megamind, another movie that teaches it's audience that we should never judge a book by it's cover. Although this is usually always the moral of these animated films, Megamind still seems to stay strong and entertaining.
  The story isn't really original. It's a superhero film, but instead of focusing on the actual hero Metro Man ( Brad Pitt), it focuses onthe villain, Megamind (Will Ferrell) and his troubles in life. It's a fun story because it focuses on the villain, sadly this just seems to have been done with Despicable Me. But it's still fun to see the villain turn good, and even get the girl, Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey) which just helps to show little kids that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you fight for it, and you can get the girl no matter what, even if you're blue. It also shows that sometimes getting everything that you want will not always bring you happiness, which is shown after Megamind has won his battle against Metro Man. It is also cool to see how Megamind still wanted to play this villainy game by creating a new hero, which is what eventually causes him to turn good since his new hero has turned into a villain. It has it's funny moments, but it just feels like it could've been better with it's story. Just sadly Dreamworks' animated films are more for children so they are limited to these predictable storylines, causing for every film to feel recycled and done before.
  The voice acting is a good, it's a great cast with Ferrell, Tina Fey, and even Brad Pitt, but sadly the dialogue isn't all that strong. It wasn't boring, but it seems like the storyline could've been stronger with better dialogue. One thing that I enjoyed was how the characters treated their rivalry like a game. They knew how to treat each other because that was what they were meant to do. Everything that it used has already been done before. There were no memorable lines or any strong moments. Maybe the strongest moment was towards the end when you find out how much of a hero Megamind really is. It's good to see that if we truly love someone we can become better people for them, but that was already done in movies before.
  The effects are actually very good. I enjoyed watching it because it looked really nice. It was very smooth and colorful. It's bright, and feels a lot more like a children's film than past Dreamworks films, there was hardly a dark, scary moment. The soundtrack was also good. There were the songs made specifically for the film and then there were other songs that surprised me. One was "Highway to Hell" although whenever it would get to "Hell" it would switch to "Lovin' You," which was really funny. It also had other rock songs like "Crazy Train" and "Welcome to the Jungle," which really hightened up the excitement when Megamind would make his appearance. A good soundtrack that I enjoyed listening to, it even had "Bad" by Michael Jackson.
  This movie does feel a bit recycled and old. It just feels too similar to previous animated films. It still is good, better than some older films, but it's not the best. If you want to just watch a cute movie about super heroes, then sure, I really recommend this film. I enjoyed it because it did have superheroes, I'm a sucker for them. But it's not the best, as simple as that. If you want to watch it then go ahead, but I don't recommend this movie like I recommend the other films I've reviewed. This is your choice on whether or not to watch it.

Verdict: 3/5