Friday, October 29, 2010

When Cartoons Were Good

 Sadly Batman the Animated Series is not too well remembered by most kids of the 90s. BUt there are a few who do remember it. It was one of the best cartoons ever made and spawned a movie that is considered to be the best Batman movie ever made. This animated movie is called Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. It after watching this move I can see why some people argue it's the best, it is as amazing as the animated series that it followed.
  If you watched the cartoon then you will know that the show was not entirely made for kids. It was dark, all the animation was done on black paper rather than white, the storylines were mature, and the villains were just awesome, along with th Caped Crusader himself. This movie follows Batman who is out to catch a villain who is murdering some of the biggest mob bosses in Gotham and blaming Batman for the deaths. Although Gotham is believing that Batman is out killing people, two people don't, Commissioner Gordon, and, surprisingly, the Joker; yes the Joker is in the film, turns out he was part of the gang with the rest of the mob bosses before he became Joker. It also follows Bruce Wayne's former love life with a woman named Andrea Beaumont, who's father was the head of the gang. We also see how Bruce became Batman and we get a deep, emotional story. The ending is good, I won't ruin it for you, and the villains are great, Phantasm, a killer, and Joker, a homocidal maniac, a great combination to pit against Batman.
 Of course there is no acting, but reather voice acting. Kevin Conroy is a great voice for Batman, he was the one who first started giving Batman and Bruce different voices. The rest of the characters kind of fall flat. It's not the best dialogue, but the story is still great and is very interesting to watch. Of course I need to mention Mark Hamill, the voice of Joker, and just to mention, Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. He is the best voice for the Joker, he makes him funny yet scary. The best thing about Hamill's Joker is the way he laughed. He gave the Joker a ton of different laughs that each showed how the Joker was feeling. Although he didn't act, he still made this Joker a great Joker, in my opinion even better than Heath Ledger's Joker, but that's just my opinion.
 The musical score is also good. It's exciting and fun, childish yet mature. It brings out the darkness of the entire movie. When the Phantasm comes out there's an eerie feeling when he comes out. Yes it's a cartoon about Batman, but the music still plays a vital role in making the movie entertainging. The animation is also great. It's always been one of my favorite. I like the look of it all. As I stated before it is all drawn on black paper, giving a dark feel and having the settings take place mostly at night. It's a distinct style that really brings out the maturity of the cartoon and film.
 This is a good movie. I think the storyline is much better than most Batman movies. It's entertaining to watch and gives Bruce a good romance story, which hasn't really been done. It also includes mystery as to who the mysterious Phantasm is, and of course gives you Joker himself. If you've never heard about Batman: The Animated Series then I suggest you watch the series ASAP. The movie is great, although it may not be as good as The Dark Knight it comes pretty close. If you're tired of these bad cartoons then watch Batman. If you remember this series and are a 90s kid, then watch this film. But to anyone who reads this review watch everything that has to do with the series, finish off with this film though, it will make a fantastic finale.

Verdict: 4/5

Now I also want to give a quick review of the series, I can't help myself, I love the show too much. It's mature, the action is great in almost every episode. You get to see Batman face off against all of his enemies in smart storylines. To me, any episode with Catwoman was kind of boring, but they are still interesting to watch if you want a complicated romance. It also gave Mr. Freeze his deep storyline which won a Grammy. Great series for anyone to watch, young an old.

Verdict for the series: 5/5  If I could give this show a higher rating I would.... I LOVE this cartoon.

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