Saturday, October 23, 2010

They're All One Person

 Today I will be reviewing a movie about my most favorite musician, Bob Dylan, called I'm Not There. Now I wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of this movie, but it is still good nonetheless. This movie is mainly dedicated to Dylan fans, the stories are good, but in order to see how everything fits together, because this is a confusing movie, and in order to understand why the characters say what they say.
 This tells the career of the legend Bob Dylan. Sadly most people don't know who he is, but he is still a legend who has written over 200 songs and has had a major impact in the music industry. He has had a very long career and is always seen as a different person throughout his career. He was folk in the beginning, electric soon after, country, gospel, he's done everything, but since he's seen differently this movie has six actors each depicitng a time in Dylan's life. The stories are all different and intertwine if you know the life and career, but if not you can still ennjoy each story as a short story.
 There are six actors, Richard Gere who plays Billy the Kid and representing the country side of Dylan, Christian Bale who plays the gospel singer, Heath Ledger who plays the superstar, Marcus Carl Franklin who plays Woody Guthrie and represents the begginnings of Dylan, Ben Whishaw the poet, and Cate Blanchett who plays the electric period, when Dylan was considered a rebel and traitor to the folk community. To be honest, all actors are great, Franklin plays a good young boy who is acting too old, Ledger's performance is also good and is tied in to a nice romance story, but the best performance is given by Blanchett. She plays Dylan perfectly, from the twitches to the way she moves. She even put a hot dog bun between her legs in order to walk like a guy. She's the perfect Dylan, which is surprising since it's a woman playing a man.
 The soundtrack is one of my most favorites, but this is biased of me due to the fact that I love Dylan's music. He has some of the greatest lyrics of all time, and if you know his lyrics you'll find them thrown into the dialogue the characters. But the soundtrack is great, it doesn't include his mot famous songs like "Knocking on Heaven's Door" or "Like a Rolling Stone," but it still consists of his songs and every Dylan song is fantastic. After you hear this soundtrack you should still listen to more of Dylan's music.
 The direction is great. To tell a complicated man's complicated career by using six different characters is a great way to go. Sadly it does mean that a person who wants to know of Dylan's career will not fully follow along. It's not like most biographical films, but the direction is still goo. You go from a story about a little boy to a documentary type, to a black and white film, it's great and fun to watch.
 I realize this film is motly a film for Dylan fans. If you want to know about this man then I still suggest you watch it, learn a little bit more about him then rewatch the film. It makes a lot more sense when you understand his life. I still would recommend this movie because I'm a huge Dylan fan. Get into his music, it's still powerful today and holds a lot of meaning. If you want to see one of Heath Ledger's final performances then watch it, it will not dissapoint. If you want to see Cate Blanchett as a man then watch this film. There are a few reasons to watch this film. But I do not want to be biased so I will give this movie an honest review.

Verdict: 3/5
 But I still recomend this movie. More people should know who Bob Dylan is. He truly is one of the greatest musicians of all time

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