Saturday, October 16, 2010

FINALLY!! A movie that is actually in theatres!

 Now I realize all the movies I've rated are old and a little difficult to find. But today I will finally be reviewing a movies that's out in theatres! Today I will be reviewing Jackass 3 or JACKASS 3D..... Although I don't think 3D in any movie serves any purpose. But I guess I shall get into the review
 It's a fun movie, Johnny Knoxville, Bam, Steve-O and the rest of the gang come together and do their stupid, yet hillarious stunts, that no person in their right minds would ever do. You will laugh till you start to tear up. You will also perhaps tear up from trying to hold back from barfing. There are about three scenes that are pretty disgusting, and if you have a weak stomach I suggest you cover your eyes when these stunts occur. But other than those three stunts the movie is funny and somewhat painful to watch. There is no plot, just like the rest of the films. If you were wanting to watch a movie with a good storyline then you shouldn't be watching a movie called Jackass.
 I can't really criticize the acting because there isn't really acting. It's just a group of guys who get stung by bees, hit each other, and do other stupid stunts like drinking a sweat cocktail (one of the nasty stunts). The stunts are funny though, but it's a good thing this is the last movie because they can only make being hit in the balls funny for so long. But I'll mention again, the stunts are still funny, even the disgusting ones, you can't help but want to watch them all. Just don't eat anything at the moment, I did and it almost didn't end up too well.
 I also can't really criticze the soundtrakc, yes there are a few songs, like Brand New Key, but you hardly notice them playing. The focus is on the stunts and nothing else. The same goes for the directing, there isn't really much to do but to film and make sure to capture these guys doing these stunts.
 The crew is getting older and you can tell that they're not so enthusiastic about going through these stupid stunts The novelty is wearing off, and like I said before it's a good thing this is their last movie, at least hopefully it is, it doesn't need to go any further than three. But I still say give this movie a shot. It's not the best, and it surely isn't the movie for everybody, but it does what it's meant to do just like the other films and TV show, and that's to make you laugh, feel nauseous, and feel pain, and make you happy that you are not part of the crew. So sit back, I can't really say relax, but enjoy the painful ride of Jackass 3D.

Verditc: 3/5

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